Location, San Francisco, CA, USA

A Dreamer’s Guide to Cities and Streams

A Dreamer’s Guide To Cities and Streams

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San Francisco Bay Press (January 1, 2009)

In her second full-length poetry collection, Joan Gelfand explores the poignancy of living in a world that is war-torn and environmentally damaged. With a nod to the humorous paradox of modern life, Gelfand writes from the vantage point of a mother, an artist, and a Zen meditator. A Dreamer’s Guide… looks beyond the surface of our lives at the connections that make life worth living, and the sensual details that color it.

ISBN-13: 978-1604610093


Deborah Grossman
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"Joan Gelfand inspires you to dig into all your memories, hopes, all dreams--whether they are rooted in the city or the countryside. After reading each poem, you want to curl on the coach and talk with Joan about life and art. Most of all, she makes you think and unlock your imagination. Only the good artists in the world can make this happen. Looking forward to the next oeuvre."
Geofrey Katz
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"Each poem in this book is a little work of art: Gelfand has choreographed the poem's story, shaped the broad imagery, crafted the words, and developed meaning all to immerse the reader for a moment in a full experience. Like the book's title that conveys the musty richness of ecological areas within an urban context - the best of both worlds - you can smell the earth as you walk."
K. Saffron
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"Joan Gelfand is a poet fully awake to the power of words. She creates compelling landscapes of her experiences living in San Francisco, growing up in New York, and of her travels in the world. And whether her rich and evocative poems are grounded in an urban setting or the natural world, you come to realize her outer world mirrors our inner world of thoughts and feelings, intuition and intellect."